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Dear French I students:

New Homework Page: on the useful links button below to get there.

Please see that the vocabulary practice games have been added for chapter 5.
Click on these for practicing.  They help a lot!!!

This page is created especially for you to practice what we do each day.  I will use this page to create sessions for you to use each week.  Amusez-vous! (Have fun!) Go to my main page also for many activities

My Quia activities and quizzes
Bienvenue - Introduction to class
vocabulary help for introductory chapter
Bienvenue - Chapter 1 - Vocabulary
vocabulary help for Chapter 1
pre quiz chapter 3 quiz 1
pre quiz practice
Bienvenue chapter 3 vocabulary 1 pre quiz 2
pre quiz practice 2
Er verbs - Français I - Bienvenue
ER verbs mini quiz
French I preview section for chapter 4 test: session rooms and family members
Chapter 4 practice for chapter test
Bienvenue - chapter 9 - vocabulary by Sharon McClurg
Practice weather terms and vacation terms
Useful links
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