mccureenglish Mrs. McCure
Lincoln-Way Community High School 210
Welcome! ¬†You are enrolled in the college prep level of junior English.  Just think, this is the final year of a required English class!  In the future, you will "elect" to take additional English instruction.

Here is a brief list of the supplies and materials needed for college prep English III.

Daily Supplies:

   Blue/black ink pens, looseleaf paper for turning in assignments, spiral notebook for notes, and a pocket folder for handouts and returned papers.  Some quizzes and tests
require pencil.

Materials as scheduled:

   First Semester--Building Vocabulary (workbook)
                   Elements of Literature (textbook)
                   *The Scarlet Letter (novel)

   Second Semester--Building Vocabulary (workbook)
                    Elements of Literature (textbook)
                    *The Great Gatsby (novel)
                    *The Grapes of Wrath (novel)
                    *The Death of a Salesman (play)

   *paperbacks to be purchased by student
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