mcdfr67 Mme Griffiths/Frau Griffiths
McDougle Middle School French/German Teacher
Bienvenue a la page francaise!
Willkommen zur deutschen Seite!

All classes (German I, French IA, French Introduction) are currently working on introductory language like asking and telling names, ages, nationalities, places of origin etc. We are also learning the German and French alphabets, accents and umlauts,to facilitate pronunciation, and we have mastered numbers and classroom objects. 

For homework call daily our foreign language homework hotline: 933-l556 ext. 7340.

Please keep up with your daily work. Foreign language is cumulative and just cramming before tests does not work. Try to review your notes daily, even if just for 5 - lO minutes.

Bonne chance, viel Glueck on your way to learn a new language and enter a new culture!
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