mcgarvey Miss McGarvey
Bellefonte Area Middle School Language Arts and Social Studies Teacher
Language Arts Assignments for 6/1 to 6/6

Monday:  Complete part 2 of your writing assignment.  Refer to class handout for details.

Tuesday:Read Three Strong Women on page 263 in your textbook and complete quesitons 1-5 on page 267.

Wednesday:Log on to and take the vocabulary quiz, Occupations.  You may retake the quiz until you reach 90%. Password:  Brains101

Thursday:  Complete the final draft of your writing project for class tomorrow.  We will do peer revision so be prepared!

Friday:  Publish your final writing project using your favorite word proccessing program and hand it in Tuesday.

Standing Assignment:  You should be reading silently at least 20 minutes each day!
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