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There are many interesting sites on this page, so help yourself and enjoy!

Did you lose a permission slip and need an extra one? Then, go to the "Useful Links" section of this web page, access the URL link and you can print out another one!

For the 2009-2010 school year, or parent interested in Washington, DC information, please click in the "Useful Links" area for specific information or help.

Any male or female interested in going out for the Plano High School Golf Team, there is up-to-date information waiting for you, just visit the link!

If you would like to try your skill at some fun physical education games, go to the Quia Activities section of any of the sites attached to this page. How about knowing dates and times for school events, golf events, Washington, DC on the calendar and "be in the know."
My Quia activities and quizzes
Golf Terms
Bowling Terms
Basketball Terms/Rules
True/False Badminton Rules Quiz
Volleyball Terms/Rules
Golf Rules
Mrs. McGinnis' Physical Education Classroom Survey
Useful links
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