Brookland Middle School, Art Department Art Teacher
We're getting close to ending another successful year in Art.  I've enjoyed all my classes, and I hope many of my students decide to contine with art classes in the future!


If you haven't done so, please pay your art fee.  Art 6 and Art I pay $10.00 and Art 7 Exploratory pays $6.00.  This fee is required by HCPS.

Come to class prepared with your supplies every day.  Make sure you always bring your sketchbook, pencil, separate eraser, and hand-held pencil sharpener to class.


To view copies of sketchbook assignments, click on the link at the bottom of the page.   The grading criteria is below.  The due dates can be found in my calendar, or on the sketchbook link.


Sketchbooks will be graded on the following criteria…
(10 points possible for each of 10 assigned drawings.  Possible total of 100 points.)
a. Attention to detail
b. Quality of compositions (using up the entire page)
c. Quality of value in each drawing (levels of darks and lights)
d. Originality of ideas

You should spend approximately 45 min.- one hour on each sketch. No magic markers, please.  Ten points will be taken off of your sketchbook grade for each class period late.

6th grade sketchbooks count for two project grades
7th grade sketchbooks count for three project grades
Art I (8th grade) sketchbooks count for four project grades

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