HELPING VERB SENTENCE WORKSHEET----  Name:                            

HELPING VERB LIST:                                  Hour: 
have     has     had     am    are     is     was     were     be     being      been     do     does     did   will     would     shall     should     can     could
may     might     must

***Use your Lesson 7 spelling words, and write a sentence with each one.  Use a helping verb in each sentence to complete a verb phrase.  Highlight your helping verb, and underline your main verb.  Also, put your spelling word in parenthesis.  Remember, you must have a main (action or being) word after the helping verb.

1-   (all right) EX.  I will feel (all right) after the test is over.

2-   (headache)

3-   (thunderstorm)

4-   (old-fashioned)

5-   (weekend)

6-   (daydream)

7-   (whereabouts)

8-   (up-to-date)

9-   (throughout)

10- (test tube)

Castle Parts Spelling List

1.    crenelation
2.    drum tower
3.    gate house
4.    drawbridge
5.    battlement
6.    moat
7.    concentric
8.    merlon
9.    allure
10.  arrow loop

Castle Invitation Paragraph Requirements:

1)     Title
2)     Illustration
3)     Topic Sentence w/name of Castle
4-6)  Appeal to at least 3 of 5 senses
7)     Lively adjectives
8)     A simile or metaphor
9)     Cosing/Clincher sentence w/name of Castle
10)     Name & hour on paper                                                


ASSIGNMENT:  One of the following projects will is due the Monday after Christmas break, January 7, 2008.  Choose one of the following according to your personal interest, points offered, and completion time available to you. 

1.     Build A Medieval Castle Model -    pts. possible= 160

MATERIALS:  You may use cardboard, building blocks, light wood, popsicle sticks, light stone, styrofoam, wire, pop cans, tissue tubes, gray tape, glue, tooth picks, string, construction paper, paint, markers, etc., just no Legos or sugar cubes.  Don't feel you need to buy materials.  Just use items around the house.  You may be creative and add ornamental objects, castle parts, characters, etc.
The following parts must be included in your model. 

1) Outer curtain wall with at least 4 towers
2) Outer gate house with at least 2 murder holes
3) Inner curtain wall with at least 4 towers
4) Crenelation on curtain walls
5) Drawbridge
6) Portcullis in outer gate house
7) 1 arrow loop in each tower


---Check out this web site for designs and ideas on how to construct your castle.         

*Remember-  The outer curtain wall should be lower than the inner curtain wall.
*Size-  The base should not be larger than 30-34 inches.

***If you have some ideas for building your castle that are different from the requirements above but would still work for a castle model, check with me.

2.     Create a Medieval Game--   pts. possible= 80
                 You may choose one of the following: 
                         Alouette   Goose   Wari   Talbut  
                         Knucklebones  Gluckshaus   Fox & Geese  
                         Row & Mill   Laugh & Lie Down  
                         Merels   Alquerque
         Follow these requirements:
            = Decorated box or container to hold the game with
                      the name of the game and number of players.
            = Directions clearly typed or written in dark ink.   
            = Decorated game board, game pieces and/or cards.
            = Know how to play and teach other the game.

             **Handouts are available in the classroom. 
                All decorations must have a medieval theme. 
                These games should be simple to play.

3.      Draw a Realistic Scene of Medieval Life--  pts. possible= 30
         You may choose your media and materials.
         Note:  If your drawing is intricately done or extremely
                   time-consuming, you will receive added points.

4.      Design and Make a Shield:Coat of Arms--  pts. possible= 60
         Using carboard or another appropriate material, design and
             make a colorful shield.  Extensive information can be
             found  on the following website: 

         *25 additional points are possible if you research your 
           family crest or coat of arms and write a historical account
           of its beginnings or other information about it.  Also,
           make sure the design matches that of your family's crest.

5.      Create Seige Tools--  pts. possible= 120 (for 3 tools)
                    (depending on materials and intricacy of work)
         Choose at least three (3) offensive and/or defensive tools
              used for medieval battle to make.  Be sure to construct
              them to work well and be sturdy.  See handout
              provided to students for pictures of the following choices:
                        catapult     battering ram     ballista    
                        seige tower     trebuchet

          ***For a different choice, check with me.

QUOTE-  WEEK of Nov. 12- 16

          At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.
                                                                   by Albert Schweitzer

Who is Albert Schweitzer?    

     Albert Schweitzer was born in Alsace, Germany.  He was an author, organist, pastor, surgeon, humanitarian, Nobel Peace Prize winner, principal of a theological seminary, and a university professor with a doctorate in philosophy who devoted most of his life to serving the people of Africa.

"Reverence for Life," as the elementary and universal principle of ethics was his primary focus throughout his life.  From the "will to live" evidenced in all living beings, Schweitzer demonstrated this ethical response for humans by serving others and promoting an awareness about the dangers in environmental hazards.
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