mcmusic Mr. V.
Marin Catholic High School Music Teacher
Pre-Period               Jazz Ensemble
Next Performance is at the Jubilee mass in San Francisco, PAC BELL PARK on Saturday, October 28th

Continue working on related scales
D major   E minor    A dom
G major   A minor    D dom
C major   D minor    G dom
F major   G minor    C dom
Bb major  C minor    F dom
Eb major  F minor    Bb dom

B Block                  Introduction to Music


Paper           due date is Thursday, October 26th any questions please ask

C Block                  Voice Ensemble

Homework        Memorize songs for Monday

D Block                  Symphonic Band

Homework        Composition due monday
16 measures in key of C major
Must start on C and end on C

Test            Thursday playing test on music from "TASCA"

G Block                  Chorale


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