mctavish Mrs. McTavish
Union Mine High School Summer School Economics
Library Assignment July 11, 2000

1. Follow the first link below to the stock tutorial. Click on the green button "The Stock Market" Read each screen carefully. Take notes if you do not have computer access at home. You are responsible for knowing this reading material! You will be tested on it!

2. Click the blue buton "Company Profiles" Use this format to collect information on your investment choices. Which you will find when you:

3.Follow the second link to the Yahoo financial pages. Reasearch five companies you would like to invest in. Turn in the following information to me today:
     *The names of your companies
     * Why you chose to invest in each company (are you     familiar with thier product,etc)
     * A short description of each company (what they make or do)
     * The stock symbol for the company

Make sure you keep a copy of this information for yourself!

Have fun!

Finished early? Take a look at some interesting mutual funds - I will discuss them more later.
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