mdeshanahan Mrs. Shanahan
Memorial Drive Elementary First Grade Teacher
First Grade News      May 12, 2003

This will be the last newsletter. I've enjoyed having your children in my class. I am amazed at how much growth the children have shown in their learning. I'm so proud, but sad, to send them on to second grade. I want to thank you for all of your support.
Report cards will go home the last day of school.

Language Arts

I have completed assessing the children on their reading and comprehension (DRA Assessments).

The children read "true stories" and identified the heroes.
They are reading fiction and non-fiction books and identifying the main idea.

Each child wrote a narrative. It was graded on the "6 Traits Writing Characteristics". This writing sample will be placed in each child's language arts folder which will be seen by his/her second grade teacher.

The children learned that "c" and "g" have a soft sound when followed by e, i, or y (cent, giant, gym). The rules for making the long "u" sound (blue, fruit, cube) were discussed.

The children will take their last math assessments this week.

The class has been working on the following objectives:

       fractions (1/2, 1/3, 2 out of 4, etc.)
       three dimensional shapes (sphere, cube, cone, etc.)
       using the "100" chart to solve problems
       adding and subtracting two digit numbers
       fact families (5+6=, 6+5=, 11-5=, 11-6=)
       time (hour, 1/2 hour)
       story problems

Social Studies
A big thanks to Mrs. Baysal for teaching the class about Turkey. She spoke to the children about a holiday that honors children. She brought books about Turkey and everyone was able to sample a Turkish treat!

The science fair was a real success! The children worked very hard.

I brought a coconut to class. We graphed their prediction...Will the coconut sink or float if placed in water? We then placed the coconut in a tub of water and observed what happened. Each child tasted a piece of the coconut. Ask your child to tell you what happened and why.

The children used thermometers to measure water temperature (hot/cold).

As the class was studying about matter, many measuring tools were used (measuring cups, teaspoons, tablespoons). I taught the children how to level off when measuring solids like salt.

The class went outside and blew bubbles. We discussed what made them float and move.

The children moved ping-pong balls from one cup to another cup by blowing on them.

The children captured air in a bag and saw how it took the shape of the bag.

They used a balloon to move objects off their desks (books).
Ask your child to tell you what happened.

There were many experiments with liquids and gases that the children experienced.

The children are reading and learning about animals. They are learning about their characteristics. Last week, they learned the attributes of fish. This week, we will be studying about reptiles and amphibians.

The class enjoyed the visit to the museum. They viewed works of art and artifacts from North and South America, Africa, and Asia. They made their own mask.

We will be going to the zoo on May 22nd.

The childrens' portfolios will be coming home next week.

Caroline Shanahan
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