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Welcome to Contemporary Issues in Medical Ethics!

You will receive 8 quizzes on-line using this web-site.
The quizzes will be assigned in class on Tuesday nights. 
You will also receive 5 in class quizzes, 1 mid-semester examination worth 50 points and a final examination that will be worth 100 points.  I will ask you to prepare one essay using three of the four web sites identified as HTMS tags.  Participation in class discussion is expected from all students. 

The content of this course includes the following:
a.  Introduction to value development.
b.  Ethical principles.
c.  Value development: theories and principles.
d.  Autonomy vs. paternalism.
e.  Confidentiality and health care information.
f.  HIV/AIDS and the health care practitioner.
g.  Withholding and withdrawing life support.
h.  Euthanasia: Practice and principles.
i.  Abortion.
j.  Ethical Issues and Genetic Science.
k.  Principles of justice and allocation of scarce resources
l.  Professional gatekeeping as a function of role fidelity.

See you all every Tuesday at 6:00 p.m.
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