medtech Mrs. Johnson
Sylvania Northview & Southview Medical Technology Instructor
Monday: (27)
Class: Contagious Diseases, Drug Resistant Organisms
Review Key Terms (pp.29-38)
Lab: Practice Skills 1-8, Group 4 Check-offs
Hmwk: Key Term Quiz (pp.29-38)

Class: Review for Test on Thurs.
Lab: Practice and Check-offs
Hmwk: Study for test

Look nice for Hospital Tour tomorrow!

Wednesday: (29)
Class: Infection control Tour @ Flower Hispital
Dress Nice
Park in outpatient parking lot, meet in cafeteria by 12:30 for lunch
Tour begins at 1:00 Guest Speaker: Sally Reece, RN
Hmwk: Study for test
1 pg summary of tour

Thrusday: (30)
Class: Chpt. 2 Test
Lab: practice and check-offs
Committee Mtgs. @ 1:45

Friday: (1)
Class: Begin Chpt.3 Safety & Emergencies
VICA meeting

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