melanie Melanie
Hey Guys It's Melanie
I wanna give a shout out to all my friends

Hey Carolyn, Amanda, Anna, Kelly, Katie, Molly, Melissa G, Melissa B, Sarah, Beth, Hallie, Lindsay, Jessica, Ben M, Ben L, Matt, Tim, Spencer, Derek, Steve, Tony, Ari, and anyone else I forgot email me if I did

Guy of the Week:
Benjamin Malloy, cause he's the only guy thats home and not on vacation

Gal of the Week:
Amanda Giorgi cause we are going to the Bahammas!! lol

Cutie Couple:
Carolyn and Spencer cause I helped hook them up

Who should I go out with?
Who should Molly go out with?
When the hell does school end?

email me with the answers

To Do:
Find me a boyfriend
Take me on Vacation
Get Liv a Birthday Present

Inside Jokes: coloring? (Carolyn)*thud thud* peaceout!(kel, caro, mol) ewwwwww I hate her, she's like the friggin neutrogena girl(mol & zoe) who came up with gentle~man?(mol) N.A of N (mol) what a rush!(zoe and mol)yo im gunna f**k that kid up!(ben manda mol and caro)Wait..the guy with the spikey hair?(caro, mol)HOTSHOTHOLLYWOOD: what does matt have that i don't have?(mol)  b 2 2? ohh im such an idiot... i still dont get it(mol) love that!(mol)L.A.P (mol) get a load of those buns of steel!(ashley and anna) ugh! cut your damn hair! (maddy and mol) crazy caro!! (caro and mol) veronicas a song thats in my head (anna and rachel) Christina Agulera is a slut!! (anna,melissa g, melissa b, ben, lindsay and whole bunch of other people) Why dontcha just go f**k your mother (manda and livvy) and i was like ew! (manda) i had a five dollar bill but it shrunk in the wash! (manda and livvy) wussup my homie g (mel) im not going out with a spik (sarah) n*gger, wigger, spigger, prigger, chigger (caro and manda)

I have a lot more but i xan't remember them all cause im braindead unfortunaetly,
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