Arcadia Middle School and Olympia High School Italian/Spanish Teacher

The session name for tonights homework assignment is "ALL COMMANDS"

Scroll to the bottom of this page and click "Quiz Session login" to do the homework! Enter the session name "ALL COMMANDS"

You may also use the Spanish II Health activity link below to study for the vocabulary quiz.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Spanish Clothing 2
Second Half of clothing vocab
Spanish Shopping Game (1 or 2 player)
Shopping Unit Challenge
Spanish Shops
A short quiz on shops and what you can buy there.
Spanish Ordinal Numbers
Ordinal Number Practice
Spanish Ordinal Numbers
Another Ordinal Number Practice
Spanish Mi Día
Italian Earning a Living
Spanish Daily Activity Items
Spanish Reflexive Verbs
Spanish reflexive verb game
Italian Verb Fare
Italian Earning a Living Verb Practice
Italian Ordinal Number
Italian Community and Neighborhood
Spanish II Health
Italian Telling Time Practice
Indefinite Articles
Definite Articles
Useful links
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