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Hey!!! I was visiting my Team's page and I got bored so I decided to make my own. This just a little something I am maintaning in my very rare spare time. Want to have some fun? Take the Friend Quiz (link @ bottom of page)and see how well you know me! Check out the CrAzY sCaVeNgEr HuNt as well for some online fun! Also check out some of my 'Useful Links'! Questions? Comments? A Site you wanna recommend? e-MaIl mE!!!! Ü
My Quia activities and quizzes
**** Updated **** aRe YoU mY fRiEnD?? ****Updated*****
How well do you know me? Take this quiz and find out! Ü
CrAzY sCaVeNgEr HuNt
Sharpen up your search skills Sherlock! Try my CrAzY sCaVeNgEr HuNt and see if you can master it! Ü
Useful links
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