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Hey guys you know you LOVE my BLAZING page (lol)
I wanna say hi to all my friends

SHM³A²CK²O~Girls Rate Us And Hate Us Cause They Simply Aint Us!!

Gals: Michelle, Caro, Mol, Sarah, Kelly, Katie, Mel G, Mel B, Rachel, Anna, Beth, Amanda, Zoe, Lindz,

Guys: Spencer, Tim, Ben L, Ben M, Derek, Ricky, Tony, Ari,Matt

Sorry If I forgot ya I'm just slightly BRAINDEAD!! lol

To All My Friends: A friend is one who knows you as you are, understands where you've been, accepts who you've become, and still invites you to grow

mE 'n My GaLz Be MiNdShOcKiN, BoDy RoCkIn, AsS sHaKiN, mOnEy MaKiN, sItTiN hIgH, lOoKiN fLy, HeAdS b TuRnIn WhEn We WaLk By

We The Bytches We Got Class Mess wit Us Wel Kick Ur Ass 4 All U Hoes That Think Ya Cool Just Remember Bytches Rule!!

I Dont know what I'd ever do without you guys from the begining to the end, you've always been here right beside me so I call u my best friends, through the good times and the bad whenever I lose or if I win, I know one thing that never changes and thats you guys as my best friends.

Through Good Times and Bad,  From Beginning to End, You're Always There Beside me, And You're My True Best Friends

DoNt EvEr B aFrAiD 2 CoMe 2 Me n CrY
DoNt EvEr HeSiTaTe 2 LoOk Me iN ThE EyE
DoNt EvEr B aFrAiD 2 TeLL Me HoW U FeEL
ReMeMbEr Ur My FriEnDs N We GoTtA KeEP iT ReAL

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.

A fRiEnD iS oNe WhO wAlKs In wHeN oThErS wAlK oUt

I love all you guys to death!!<3 <3 <3

Guy of the Week:

Gal of the Week:
Kel, Cuz its her birthday

Cutie Couple:
Amanda and Chris

Who should I go out with?
When does school end?

email me with the answers

To Do:
Find me a boyfriend
And Pretty Much Anything else you wanna do

Inside Jokes: coloring? (Carolyn)*thud thud* peaceout!(kel, caro, mol) ewwwwww I hate her, she's like the friggin neutrogena girl(mol & zoe) who came up with gentle~man?(mol) N.A of N (mol) what a rush!(zoe and mol)OMG my hand I can't control it! (caro)Wait..the guy with the spikey hair?(caro, mol)HOTSHOTHOLLYWOOD: what does matt have that i don't have?(mol)  b 2 2? ohh im such an idiot... i still dont get it(mol) love that!(mol)L.A.P (mol) get a load of those buns of steel!(ashley and anna)JESUS! look at his package (anna) To the angelmobile (anna) purple platform (rachel and anna) ugh! cut your damn hair! (maddy and mol) crazy caro!! (caro and mol) veronicas a song thats in my head (anna and rachel) Christina Agulera is a slut!! (anna,melissa g, melissa b, ben, lindsay and whole bunch of other people) Why dontcha just go f**k your mother (manda and livvy) and i was like ew! (manda) i had a five dollar bill but it shrunk in the wash! (manda and livvy) wussup my homie g (mel) im not going out with a spik (sarah) n*gger, wigger, spigger, prigger, chigger (caro and manda)oh baby, oh darling! (caro) he loves me better! (caro) Hey Sare ya gotta a couple m&m's stuck up your ass! (sare) Jesus it doesn't help that the whole movies about water! (sare) Dammit! shoulda brought the camcorder! (sarah)

I have a lot more but you know theres the braindead thing again
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