mendoza Sra. Mendoza
Pinkerton Academy Spanish Instructor -- 1, 1A, 2

You have enrolled in a course that will introduce you to the language and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.  You’ve made a wise choice to study Spanish; did you know....

***the U.S. Hispanic population will make up over 50% of the total population by the year 2050?

***the Hispanic population in the U.S. is the fifth largest in the world?

***Spanish is spoken by over 300 million people around the world?

No matter what your career plans may be, odds are that your ability to speak Spanish will be a useful personal as well as professional skill that you take with you from Pinkerton Academy.

Spanish is a fast-paced, demanding and intensive course.  Attitude, much more than aptitude, is what counts in a language class.  Anyone can learn to speak another language.  You will learn to understand and speak Spanish quickly,  and earn a good to excellent grade if (1) you are motivated to speak mostly Spanish in class and to actively participate in conversations; (2) you are a risk taker and are curious about other cultures, and (3) are willing to "do your homework" outside of class.  Vocabulary review, homework assignments and readings done BEFORE you come to class will ensure that you always understand what happens in class.  If you don’t like to talk with others; if you aren’t much interested in others, and/or if you loathe homework and study time, this is probably not the course for you.  See me immediately if you have any concerns.

Make Up Work

Makeup exams and homework are the responsibility of the student.  If you are absent on the day of the test, or have a missing assignment due to an absence, a zero automatically goes in the book for that grade.  It is your responsibility to arrange a time to make up the exam and/or homework you missed in order to have the zero grade changed.  You have one week’s grace period within which you may arrange a makeup exam (extensions available under extremely unusual circumstances).  If one week passes and you have not made arrangements to make up the exam, the zero stays in the gradebook, NO EXCEPTIONS. Homework is due one day following your return from an absence unless other arrangements are made with permission.

Grading System

5%  Cultural Participation and Research (CPR) Project:
independent study of an Hispanic topic.

5%  Class participation.  Attendance is a critical factor in your success since much of what we do in class cannot be made up outside of class.  This part of your grade is calculated based upon your effort to communicate in Spanish, attendance, and your overall attitude.

10%  Homework.  Develop the habit of daily studying and you will have an excellent foundation upon which to build your language skills.  Failure to study or to do homework assignments will definitely determine whiter you sink or swim in this class.  Homework is graded on the TODO O NADA  system, i.e., either it is completed as per instruction, or there is NO credit.  Late, incomplete or sloppy homework is corrected, but no credit is given.  You start each term with 100 homework points; collected homework is graded as follows:

/+ (impressive work; you earn one extra credit point)
/(full credit for meeting minimum homework requirement), or
/- (minus five points for late, incomplete or sloppy work).

10%  Quizzes.  Short vocabulary and/or grammar quizzes will be given periodically. They may be announced or unannounced depending on the overall participation of the class.

10% Compositions and Oral Exams. Note that unless otherwise specified, type ALL compositions and save a copy on disk.

40% Unit/Lesson Exams. There will be several chapter exams.

20% Mid-term Exam and Final Exam.  

Any question?  Feel free to call or e-mail me.
              ¡Buena suerte y ¡qué te diviertas muchísimo!
                     (Good luck, and have lots of fun!)
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