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How to earn a grade
You earn a grade in MESCOT by demonstrating, documenting, and defending your learning at three levels: Knowledge, Understanding, and Application.

To earn a C: The minimum requirements for a C are as follows:
1. Complete 70% of your homework assignments (Knowledge level).
2. Score at least 70% on all quizzes and tests, or make an appointment with me, if you score below 70% on any quiz or test (Knowledge level).
3. Complete two-third of your labs and activities at 70% or higher (Understanding level).
4. Document and defend your learning at the knowledge and understanding levels by proving that the above requirements have been met.
5. Complete applications for all of the skills and concepts studied this semester to level 4 on the Statewide Science Assessment scale (Application level).

To earn a B:
1. Complete the minimum requirements for a C.
2. Document the timeliness of your work.
3. Document the quality of your work (especially Applications – above a level 4 on the Statewide Science Assessment scale).
4. Describe any extra learning you have done.
5. Describe how you have helped others learn.
6. Submit samples of your work, which show how your learning has improved over the grading period.

To earn an A:
1. Complete the requirements for a B.
2. Document superior quality of your work (50% or more Applications above a level 4 on the Statewide Science Assessment scale).
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Welcome to the wonderful world of MESCOT

Congratulations on accepting the challenge of MESCOT, a unique class that you will find both rewarding and enjoyable. This class is based on the belief that science knowledge is essential for you as an educated citizen. You will use and apply your science knowledge gained to understand real life science/technology applications.

Let me list some reasons, I would give you for taking this class:

1. MESCOT provides a stimulating and challenging experience for able students (that’s you, so don’t panic)
2. Your knowledge and skill base will broaden tremendously this year… this means work.
3. You will receive 1 high school science credit, elective credit and PCC credit for manufacturing. This may save you money, or perhaps it will mean an opportunity to broaden and deepen your knowledge in a planned major.
4. You can proceed into college or a community college with greater self-confidence, particularly in the science and manufacturing, and communication areas.
5. You will meet professionals from different engineering and technical fields that will share with you their experiences, and “show you the way” to a great future.
6. Career related activities would help you become more confident in your abilities, and increase your awareness of future employment, and educational opportunities.

Don’t panic about this class being too hard, BUT it will require effort. To improve your chances of succeeding here are some basic steps you can take to enhance your learning:

DON’T MISS CLASS – The absolute biggest killer of all.
BE ORGANIZED – Get a notebook, keep things in order.
DO THE HOMEWORK – I mean really do it!!!
WORK TOGETHER – we are a team we work to help each other.

To learn physics you will have to read and re-read until you know that you understand. Homework assignments will provide practice but require real effort. Lab work will teach you to be observant and organized. Application assignments will stretch you to use the principles you have learned in situations that originate with you. Site visits, and guest speakers will provide you with the opportunity to interact, and learn from professionals in different fields.
There will be no “busywork” but you will be very busy. Each day from the beginning of class to dismissal, we will focus on learning. Everything we do in class is meant to increase your knowledge, understanding, and ability to apply principles of physics, and engineering.

Internet account – it is recommended that you obey the Internet usage policies and guidelines in order to be able to keep your account. We will use the Internet for communication and research very often. By October 15th all students are expected to have their personal accounts.
Three-ring binder (keep all of your work for the semester as you will need it to document your learning and earn a grade)
Pen, Pencil, and one other colored writing utensil
Protractor and ruler
Scientific calculator (graphing capability not necessary)
2 floppy disks HD IBM formatted
Your floppy disks need to be turned in to your instructor the first week of school labeled with your name.


Tests and quizzes – will count 40 %of your grade. You will know the test dates well ahead of time and tests must be taken on the prescribed day. Quizzes will be given more often for obvious reasons.  If you are ill, you must take the test within 1 week of your absence. Here’s an example, so you can understand what makeup is all about. If you’ve missed school on any day during the week on September 13-17th, and a test was given, then your make up is on Tuesday at 7:00 AM on September 21st. If you’ve missed school from the 15th to the 20th, your makeup day is Thursday September 23rd at 7:00 AM . After the makeup day if you did not sign up for the appropriate makeup session, and did not take the test/quiz you will receive an automatic 0 for the test, or quiz.

Labs. and Homework – will count 40% of your grade. They are an integral part of this course. Although you will work on labs with a partner, you are responsible to turn in your own individual copy finished. Late labs will receive half credit.  Do not attempt to complete a lab handout, if you have not been in the classroom for the practical part. You will not get any credit for such work. Schedule lab makeup time with your instructor before, or after school.

Homework –is vitally important as it gives you opportunity to practice problem solving. You must do it. You may become frustrated and not get some or many problems, but you must try! Homework is due dates are on your monthly calendars, and do not change unless lecture days change due to unforeseen reasons. You may be able to get help on homework problems before, or after school. Late homework will NOT be accepted. Insure that work that is due is turned in on the due date regardless of your attendance. Delivery by parent, student, etc. is great.

Journal, projects, and classwork - will count 20% of your grade. You must keep a journal detailing your thoughts, questions and experiences concerning tours and guest speakers. Journals will be turned in immediately after speaker presentation and the day after a site visit.
Projects –These are independent or team projects that will be done in class, as well as homework.
Responsibility Points: If you are always on time, and prepared for learning you’ll earn a total of 50 points towards this grade category.  50 Points is the equivalent of all site visit points you earn the first semester.

Attendance and timeliness are important.
Do not skip class. Unexcused absences may result in denial of credit. When you are absent for any reason, make up your work for this class first before your other classes, as lab material may only be available for a limited time. Get everything made up within a week of returning. After an absence, ask two of your colleagues for notes and assignments before asking the teacher.
Late work is generally frowned upon, but the teacher does recognize that all people have different learning rates. Long-term assignments (those assigned with at least 10 day’s notice) will not be accepted for grading after the assigned due date.
Tardies  - If you arrive to class late you need to sign in. On your 4th tardy you need to schedule your tardy makeup for 15 min. if you do not want to loose 5 points every time you are tardy thereafter DON’T BE TARDY!!

Common questions students have
What will we be doing this year? – You can expect all of the usual homework, labs, quizzes, and tests of a science course. In addition there will be learning applications required for each major unit.  Every Friday of the week is dedicated to career related learning. This will involve activities such as: site visits, guest speakers, career research, mock interviewing, etc. You will be asked to wear business like attire on that day, if a guest speaker, or site visit is scheduled. You’ll know about these events a month in advance.

If I receive a 100% on my tests and quizzes, shouldn’t I get an A? – Not necessarily. Tests and quizzes are measures of knowledge and understanding, the lowest levels of learning. Your grade represents more than this. Your ability to apply what you have learned, your effort, quality, timeliness, and helpfulness are reflected in your grade as well.

What happens if I receive a grade lower than 70% on a quiz or test? – You still must demonstrate your Knowledge level learning by doing the following: 1) Make and keep an appointment with your instructors and 2) Complete any assignment which may be given to you during that appointment.

Remember that you will know your homework and test schedules way ahead of when they are due, but absences will almost surely reduce your chances of success. DON’T GET BEHIND!!!
Student behavior capable of producing hyperbolic drive in teacher:
1. Lacks maturity to realize that a business site is not a typical high school environment… wears hats, t-shirts, jeans have more holes than Swiss cheese….. (We’ll talk more about site visit discipline, and conduct)
2. Doing homework just to get it done, not to learn!!
3. Not asking questions/paying attention or sleeping.
4. Obsessive, mindless computer playing, hacking, pirating etc. Compulsive desire to eat in lab or hallways… must eat … must eat is only thought on brain.
5. No one has the right to interfere with another person’s learning
Disruptive behavior or refusal to comply with teacher directives will be dealt with in the following order: 1) conference between student and teacher; 2) parent contact and notification; 3) referral to counselor; 4) referral to vice principal/administration.
Verbal or physical abuse will result in immediate referral to administration.

And if you feel the class is not for you, please let us know. Be honest. The important thing is to give it your best shot; your real best shot, and learn. Right?

A final note, for help at most times try the MESCOT HOTLINE at: during the day, , or e-mail (not after 10PM) at night. The Glencoe Homework Hotline numbers are: 615-0945, or 640-2316 (Subject Code: 1222)

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