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Welcome to the Metro 1 page.

If you have already read this just scroll down to get to the links!

Each chapter of the book has at least one set of games, some have as many as 6!

All that you have to do is click on the link below and you will automatically be directed to that game.

It is the number after the slash which refers to the chapter eg Metro 1/6 uses the vocabulary of chapter 6.

Each game allows you to preview exactly what vocabulary or phrases are used in that particular game.

Each individual link below opens up 4 different games - face down matching, face up matching, hangman and wordsearch. Often there is a flashcards option too.

The flashcards option has all the phrases on cards - English on one side, French on the other. Pupils test themselves removing cards from the pack when they know them. They then try again with the ones they didn't know.

After all the quia links there are a few others you might enjoy.
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Metro 1
Metro 1/2 A
Metro 1/2 B
Metro 1/3B
Metro 1/3C
Metro 1/3C
Metro 1/4A
Metro 1/4 C
Metro 1/4 C
Metro 1/4 C
Metro 1/4 D
Metro1/4 E
Metro 1/5A
Metro 1/5 B
Metro 1/5 C
Metro1/5 D
Metro 1/5 E
Metro 1/6 A
Metro 1/6 B
Metro 1/6 C
Metro 1/6 D
Metro 1/6 E
Metro 1/6 F
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