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Welcome to the home page of MHESA, New Jersey's Mental Health Emergency Services Association. MHESA is an organization of mental health, law enforcement and other professionals working in the area of emergency psychiatry. Program managers, front-line staff and others working in these settings participate in MHESA for the purposes of networking, lobbying and sharing best-practices in emergency psychiatry.

New Jersey's 25 plus "Screening Centers" operate 24/7 to provide acute psychiatric crisis care, both in hospital ER settings, and in the community at large via mobile outreach operations.  This website will serve to link the various MHESA members together for information sharing as well as:

  • Posting industry related news

  • Sharing position openings/positions wanted

  • Posting new legal updates and case law

  • Developing a working "knowledge-base"



    Please check back for new articles, news and information. In the mean time, if you would like more information, please call Jim Romer at 732.886.4475 or Steve Crimando at 866.835.3274

    Meeting Dates & Locations

    Next Meeting: To Be Announced. Please call Jim Romer for details and location

    Please visit our "Links" to access information about emergency mental health programs in New Jersey, the U.S. and internationally, as well as private sector behavioral crisis resources.


    Please scan the Links below to find current PES-related articles. The current feature addresses police officers' familiarity with the Duty to Protect and Warn statutes in two states, South Carolina and Michigan. If you have suggestions for relevant articles, or would like to submit an original article for publication here, please submit it as an attachment to an e-mail, in Word format, without graphics.

    Psychiatric Emergency Services for Clients with Developmental Disabilities

    Please be aware of a relatively new service offered to Screening Centers in NJ. Through the Statewide Clinical Consultation & Training (SCCAT)Program of Trinitas Hospital, expertise and assistance to mental health providers throughout the state in the delivery of services to the MI/DD dually diagnosed population is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. A clinician will respond to the call and provide consultation. This may include clinical information, referral sources of experts in the field, trouble shooting problem cases, and other needs of this population.

    Specifically for Screening Centers the following are provided: 1) Information and technical assistance in obtaining the most accurate diagnosis, and most appropriate dispostion and treatment; 2) Assistance for Screeners in locating community supports and mental health professionals with expertise in this area; 3) Trouble shooting problem cases in the Screening Center; and 4) Liaison between DDD providers and Screening Centers.

    For Services or More Information, Please Call: 1.888.393-3007

    This web site is designed, hosted and maintained as a professional courtesy for MHESA by Steven M. Crimando & Associates, L.L.C., Crisis Management & Human Resource Recovery Services, Landing, NJ. Voice/Fax:1.866.835.3274

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