mhsespanol Sra. Hurt
Marina High School Spainish Instructor

Welcome all summer classes!
(don't worry only 25 more days)

Todays Agenda...

   1) Musica
   2) Palabra Nuevas II
   3) Practicar con el preterito

(this is just a sample of what you could put so those absent could log on and see what they missed)

Don't Forget!!!!!

         Actividads due Mon.

         Quiz next week!
         Keep working on culture projects...

Need Help?

     Come see me after school (I'm here till 4:30 everyday)
or during tutorial or zero period. The student assistance center (SAC) is also available in the library from 2:00-3:30

Justo is coming.....

June 30th @ the anahiem convention center tickets  are on sale for $10.00 and are expected to sell out (this would be great for culture projects!).

Well that's about it

                    Have a great weekend!
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Espanol 2B, Capitulo 5
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Practicar con primero-ultimo!
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