Created by Ashley Capps, Preservice Teacher & Christopher Dobson, Biology Department, Summer 2006
E-mail: dobsonc@gvsu.edu

Aligned to the 2009 Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations by Sally Joseph, Regional Math & Science Center, Winter 2010

Note to Teachers: The assessment of specific Content Expectations is indicated in parentheses following each question (e.g., L.OL.7.22). This resource is not intended to be a comprehensive assessment, but rather to serve as a sample of life science knowledge at the middle school level.

We gratefully acknowledge the Regional Math & Science Center and the Faculty Teaching & Learning Center at Grand Valley State University for their support in completion of this project, as well as BIODAC (http://biodidac.bio.uottawa.ca), the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (http://images.fws.gov), and Bruce Ostrow (Biology, GVSU) for the use of images.
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