microsoftdebate Mr. Hubbard
Laconia High School social studies teacher
Congratulations!  Your LHS education, and my incessent ramblings on economics, have qualified you to become anti-trust attorneys--and your first case is a BIG one! Today, you and your legal team will prepare an argument/brief for the US v. Microsoft, Inc appellate case that is forthcoming (the trial will be held in room 201 on Friday November 16). Your job is to prosecute/defend this case as if your life depended on it! (your grade surely will!)

Task steps:

Tuesday November 13, 2001:
gather research, assign roles (media center)
Tuesday night: read your research; outline your arguments
Wednesday November 14, 2001:
collaborate with your legal team to compose your brief/argument (room 204)
Thursday November 15, 2001:
final touches, practice, make visuals etc..
Friday November 16, 2001
try your case

Trial/debate rules:
*each side gets 5 minutes(max)to make initial arguments--prosecution goes first
*each side then may call up to three witnesses (6 min total)
*these witnesses may be cross examined (6 min total)
*each side has 3 minutes for closing arguments
*no single lawyer can argue/cross examine two consecutive points (somene else on your team must speak before you can speak again)

Organize your team:
You will need up to 5-6 expert witnesses, and 4-5 trial lawyers
Each person should carefully research their position, and be prepared to conduct a trial on Thursday, 10 May 01.

Note: witness arguments may be found in the links below

Getting info:
Scan the links below for complete Federal court trial coverage and commentary. The first two sites have more information than you will ever need to try this case.  Be sure to scan the margins for catagories of information that will be most helpful to you. The third site contains some brief info on anti-trust legislation. If you want any other specific informaton , try

ALSO: consult sections 7.2 and 7.3 of your text for helpful information
Have fun!
Useful links
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