Mustang North Middle School 6th Grade Math Teacher
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**Students will take a 3-minute 100 multiplication facts test (up to 12x12) as part of their 3rd-9 Weeks Test as well as the end of the year test. Please use the superkids link below to generate worksheets to help them study.

Friday, February 25:  Graphing on the Coordinate Grid Wks

**Monday, February 28: Workbook page 6-1
Tuesday, March 1:  Workbook page 6-2
Wednesday, March 2: Worksheet 6-2
Thursday, March 3: Workbook page 6-3
Friday, March 4: Workbook page 6-4
**Also, this week we are doing a stock market activity. One side will be completed together in class, and students are to choose a stock and complete the back of this worksheet on their own.

Monday, March 7:  Workbook page 6-5
Tuesday, March 8: Worksheet 6-5
Wednesday, March 9:  Statue of Liberty Worksheet
Thursday, March 10:  Ch 6 Review
Friday, March 11: Quiz 6A w/Voc

Also: I search...Research due Wednesday - March 23 (find 4 facts about math in newspaper, ads, or magazines - attach to a sheet of notebook paper and take them one step further) Example a 50% off sale - student might add this means 1/2 off and then compute the price of an item OR if an item is advertised at buy one get second one 1/2 off, you could get two $20 items for $30 OR if one tire costs $53 it would be 53x4=$112 for a set of four

My Quia activities and quizzes
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Chapter 3 Vocabulary Practice Test
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