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Ellen Glasgow Middle School
Welcome to the Millennium Team English page. Please feel free to contact me or the team counselor, Ms. Crystal Henry ,at 703-813-8732 if you have questions or concerns.

Here are some very important hints/reminders:
1. Assignment Books must be in every class, every single day! (I do random checks for bonus points if students have their assignment books! I also record their current grade every couple of weeks, if they are prepared with their assignment book!)

2. You need your 5 subject spiral in class every day for analogies, DOL and maybe journal!The other two sections are for random vocabulary assignments and reading responses.

3.Late work will not be accepted for full credit in Millennium classes.  In my English class I only give half credit for late work. Extreme circumstances will always be considered, so bring a written excuse from a parent as to why something is late and we'll discuss it!

4. In first quarter English 8, we will be introducing analogies and other vocabulary building activities.  A lot of our grammar and punctuation review will come through Daily Oral Language, which is a warm-up activity that allows for daily review of basic skills.  New skills are introduced every week and practiced daily.  We will be reading The Pearl by John Steinbeck as a class and will be doing at least one individual book project. Descriptive and narrative writing will be practiced weekly in students' journals, which is in section four of their spiral.  We will also be reading a selection of short stories from the new literature books.

5. Grades are based on daily work, quizes and tests, and their spiral, which will be collected once or twice a quarter, and projects.  Generally, daily work is awarded 50 points, quizes are 100 points, and tests and projects 300-400 points depending on the amount of time spent on them.
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