millenniumteam Ms. Sylves
Glasgow Middle School
Millenium team is team made of the smartest students in Glasgow Middle School.In few weeks millenium team is going on a fieldtrip to the holocaust museum and there will be lots of other fieldtrips too.  Milleniums have lots of great teachers like Ms.Sylves.  She is an algebra and a math teacher.  Algebra is a high school corse.  It is a great corse.  It is all about getting a complecated problem and solving it step by step but regular math has all kinds of problems it is really fun.  Mr. Olson is a physicle science teacher. In his class we are doing measurement and graphs.  In Ms. Clayton and Ms. parker teaches english but Ms.Parker theach ESL B1 and B2 kids. Mr.Brennin and Mrs.Franklin teach civics and Ms.Franklin teaches the ESL B1 and B2.  Millenium team is the best team in Glasgow Middle School and will be.
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