Consumer Math 2nd Quarter
Raven Correspondence School Mathematics Instructor
My Quia activities and quizzes
04-01 Renting a Home (Consumer Math)
04-02 Buying a Home (Consumer Math)
04-03 Computing the Down Payment (Consumer Math)
04-04 Paying the Mortgage (Consumer Math)
04-05 Terms of Mortgages Differ (Consumer Math)
04-06 Reading Utility Meters (Consumer Math)
04-07 Utility Comsumption (Consumer Math)
04-08 Telephone, Gas, and Electric Bills (Consumer Math)
04-09 Mortgage Insurance (Consumer Math)
04-10 Homeowners Insurance (Consumer Math)
04-11 App: The Renter's Rule (Consumer Math)
04-12 Chapter 04 TEST Managing a Household (Consumer Math) (Consumer Math)
05-01 Buying a New Car (Consumer Math)
05-02 Buying a Used Car (Consumer Math)
05-03 Financing a Car (Consumer Math)
05-04 Automobile Insurance (Consumer Math)
05-05 Reading an Odometer (Consumer Math)
05-06 Average Miles Driven per Year (Consumer Math)
05-07 Number of Miles Traveled (Consumer Math)
05-08 Computing Gas Mileage (Consumer Math)
05-09 Computing the Range of a Car (Consumer Math)
05-10 Computer the Fuel Needed (Consumer Math)
05-11 Computing Average Speed (Consumer Math)
05-12 Computing Your Travel Time (Consumer Math)
05-13 Buying Gasoline (Consumer Math)
05-14 Computing the Cost of Repairs (Consumer Math)
05-app Taking a Road Trip (Consumer Math)
05-TEST Buying and Maintaining a Car (Consumer Math)
06-01 Counting Calories (Consumer Math)
06-02 The Key to Ratio (Consumer Math)
06-03 The Key to Proportion (Consumer Math)
06-04 Finding Calories with Proportions (Consumer Math)
06-05 Using Nutrition Information (Consumer Math)
06-06 Fat Grams and Calories (Consumer Math)
06-07 Using Calories (Consumer Math)
06-08 Losing Pounds (Consumer Math)
06-09 Changing Recipe Yields (Consumer Math)
06-10 Timing Food Preparation (Consumer Math)
06-app The Food Guide Pyramid (Consumer Math)
06-TEST Working with Food (Consumer Math)
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