Consumer Math 1st Quarter
Raven Correspondence School Mathematics Instructor
My Quia activities and quizzes
01-01 Wages (Consumer Math)
01-02 Annual Wages (Consumer Math)
01-03 Time Worked (Consumer Math)
01-04 Overtime (Consumer Math)
01-05 Regular Wages Plus Overtime (Consumer Math)
01-06 Compute Earnings that Include Tips (Consumer Math)
01-07 Piecework Wages (Consumer Math)
01-08 The Key to Rounding Money (Consumer Math)
01-09 Salary (Consumer Math)
01-10 The Key to Parcents and Decimals (Consumer Math)
01-11 Commission (Consumer Math)
01-12 Salary Plus Commission (Consumer Math)
01-13 Net Pay and Addition of Decimals (Consumer Math)
01-14 Application: Home Repair Business
01-15 Chapter 01 TEST Earning Money (Consumer Math)
02-01 Expressing Prices (Consumer Math)
02-02 Reading Prices (Consumer Math)
02-03 Adding Prices (Consumer Math)
02-04 Computing Change (Consumer Math)
02-05 Coupons (Consumer Math)
02-06 Coupons for More than One (Consumer Math)
02-07 Coupons with Conditions (Consumer Math)
02-08 Expiration Dates (Consumer Math)
02-09 Division of Whole Numbers with Remainders (Consumer Math)
02-10 The Key to Using Per (Consumer Math)
02-11 Unit Price (Consumer Math)
02-12 Shopping for the Best Buy (Consumer Math)
02-13 Eating Out (Consumer Math)
02-14 Deciding to Eat Out or Eat In (Consumer Math)
02-TEST Buying Food(Consumer Math)
03-01 Ready-To_Wear (Consumer Math)
03-02 Sale Prices (Consumer Math)
03-03 Percent Saved (Consumer Math)
03-04 Discounts (Consumer Math)
03-05 Buying from a Catalogue or Online (Consumer Math)
03-06 The Key to Simplifying Fractions (Consumer Math)
03-07 The Key to Common Denominators (Consumer Math)
03-08 making Your Own Clothes (Consumer Math)
03-09 Finding the Cost of Fabric (Consumer Math)
03-10 Using a Charge Account (Consumer Math)
03-11 Using a Layaway Plan (Consumer Math)
03-App Shopping Online (Consumer Math)
03-TEST Shopping for Clothes (Consumer Math)
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