Consumer Math 3rd Quarter
Raven Correspondence School Mathematics Instructor
My Quia activities and quizzes
07-01 Buying Furniture and Appliances (Consumer Math)
07-02 90-Day Purchase Plan (Consumer Math)
07-03 The Key to Perimeter and Area (Consumer Math)
07-04 Painting a Room (Consumer Math)
07-05 Buying Paint (Consumer Math)
07-06 Buying Wallpaper (Consumer Math)
07-07 Covering the Floor (Consumer Math)
07-08 Computing Length of Molding (Consumer Math)
07-09 Wall-to-Wall Carpeting (Consumer Math)
07-10 Additions to Existing Homes (Consumer Math)
07-11 Insulation (Consumer Math)
07-12 Seeding and Feeding Lawns (Consumer Math)
07-13 Fencing a Yard (Consumer Math)
07-app Improving Floors and Walls (Consumer Math)
07-TEST Improving Your Home (Consumer Math)
08-01 Reading a Map (Consumer Math)
08-02 Estimating Distances (Consumer Math)
08-03 Reading a Bus Schedule (Consumer Math)
08-04 Computing Bus Fares (Consumer Math)
08-05 Staying in Hotels (Consumer Math)
08-06 Package Plans (Consumer Math)
08-07 Exchanging Currency (Consumer Math)
08-08 Renting a Car (Consumer Math)
08-09 Parking Expenses (Consumer Math)
08-10 Time Zones (Consumer Math)
08-11 Traveling by Air (Consumer Math)
08-app Traveling for Business (Consumer Math)
08-TEST Traveling (Consumer Math)
09-01 Finding Average Income (Consumer Math)
09-02 Preparing a Budget (Consumer Math)
09-03 Adjusting a Budget (Consumer Math)
09-04 Using Circle Graphs (Consumer Math)
09-05 Balancing a Budget (Consumer Math)
09-app Achieving Goals by Budgeting (Consumer Math)
09-TEST Budgeting Your Money (Consumer Math)
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