missgeorge Miss George
Pleasant View Elementary Grade 3
Welcome to 3rd grade!

    What an exciting and adventurous year we are going to have!  In order to begin the year it is helpful for you to bring the following items to school on the first day.  If you do not have, or cannot purchase these supplies please don't worry.  I will have an extra supply of all of these things which you may have.  

*Two plain pocket folders
*Two plain pocket folders with clasps
*Colored pen for editing and corrections

   Themes to be covered in 3rd grade:
Social Studies:
1. Communites
2. New York City-past and present
3. Local, state, and national goverment
4. Maps and globes
5. Citizenship
6. National holidays

1. Vertebrates and invertebrates
2. Matter
3. Moon Phases
4. Plants
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