missgriffith Miss Griffith
Felicity Franklin Middle School  

Hello and welcome to our class website!  It is currently under construction.  In the future, I hope you will be able to come here to get class assignments and information. Please email me (top right corner of page) if you have questions or comments.

6th Graders-
Study for your vocab quiz tomorrow (Friday)!
Study for your spelling test tomorrow (Friday)!
Don't forget your math homework!

7th Grade Language Arts-
I had so much fun doing the play today!  You guys were great!  Don't forget to bring your props on Monday!
Remember *Verbal Master/Spelling test TOMORROW!

7th Grade Computer Class-
WHAT IS UP?  I can see you made it to OUR website!  Cool, huh?  Come up to me and whisper "Cardinals are awesome and so is our website" and I will give you 5 bonus points!  Now, get to work on your project!  

7th Grade Math-
Remember *Probability Test next Thursday.  Start reviewing your material NOW!  

Others-  Thanks for visiting!
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