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Bellefontaine Middle School Science 8
Missing Identities!

You are on a mission to find the identity of some scientists that have amnesia!  Maybe they were hit on the head with a rock or ran into a wall, never the less, they can not remember who they are or what accomplishments they have had in their lives! 

Since you are a Super Sluth and an Ace Dective, you have been put on this case.  It is your job to find the missing identities of these scientists.

Using the web sites below, find out about the lives of the following scientists: Bohr, Einstein, Joule, Lavoisier and Watt.  In order to help them to recover their lost identities you need to find out briefly about their lives, what they are most known for in science, and tell how they influenced our knolwedge of matter and/or energy. 

You will want to include some important dates such as, when they were born, when they died, dates of any important discovery they had, etc.  You may type or hand write this report.  If you hand write it, it needs to be written in black ink.

Good luck on your mission!

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