North Central College Student Teacher


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I Believe:

The educational process must value and reflect diversity and the multicultural community to which it belongs.

Enriching students’ learning experience through the use of modern technology enables them to acquire the real-world skills required in today’s technological society.

All students are capable of learning and that learning is more likely to take place when students are presented with developmentally suitable and personally applicable subject matter.

Collaboration and communication are essential to the educational partnership amongst students, parents, and teachers.

Holding high expectations for students promotes self-discipline and prepares students to be contributing members of society.

In providing a safe and secure environment for students and creating a positive atmosphere that stimulates learning.

Nurturing students’ inquiring minds teaches learning as a lifelong process.

Giving students opportunities to experience success, treating students with the dignity and reverence to which they are entitled, and allowing students to participate in situations which build self-esteem are fundamental in creating the encouraging environment vital to learning.

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