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The primary goals of this course are to have students improve their English skills (speaking, listening, writing and reading), learn about the civilizations that have shaped our modern societies and make connections between past, present and future in a critical way. Students will not be expected to memorize random facts. Instead, students will be expected to read, write, infer, analyze, discuss, and debate how history impacted the lives of pre-historic humans, Sumerians, Mesopotamians, Egyptians, ancient Hebrews, Greeks, Persians and Romans in an academic environment that expects nothing less than excellence.

Students will leave sixth grade having improved their proficiency in and appreciation for world history and cultures. This class is structured utilizing the “workshop” approach to teaching and learning. Within this model, students and teacher will learn and teach each other about history as process that affects ancient people daily life such as slavery, education, treatment of women, minorities, immigrants and non-citizens and not as an abstract system of copying time lines and vocabulary.
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