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*Thursday's Computer Lab Assignment:
      ^Finish writing your sentences for the Unit 4 vocabulary words.  Check your work carefully.  Spell check and print 2 (two) copies.  One to turn in to me and one to keep to study from for the test on Friday.
      ^When you finish, go to the Unit 4 Vocabulary Quiz on the web sites below.
      ^If you finish the vocab. games, take the Presidents' Day quiz on the web sites below.

*Friday's Computer Lab Assignment:
     ^Study your Unit 4 Vocabulary words by using the games.
     ^Take the Presidents' Day quiz to learn as much as you can about the Presidents.  After all, you did have Monday off for a reason!  You will be using this information for your journal later in the day!!!!!

1.  Europe maps are due this Friday.  Be sure to have all of your maps in the correct order in your folder by the end of the day on Friday.  QUALITY WORK IS EXPECTED!!!!!

2.  Your News Broadcast script should be written and you should be practicing.  Remember, you must have at least 3 minutes of information to share on the day you have signed up to present your newscast.

3.  Your fiction book report is due on Monday!  Be sure to get this completed.  You can turn it in early if you want!

4.  You also have a Reading Bear calendar for the month of February.  Remember to read and record your minutes.  Bring the calendar back by Monday, March 6,2000.

4.  You should be watching or listening to the news daily. Even though you have a week off from your scrapbooks, you should know what is going on around you and around the world.

5.  Limbo Contest:  Shana, Chris, and Rachel, we will continue our contest as soon as we get a chance.  It may have to be for Responsibility Time next Wednesday.

6.  Don't procrastinate on the Health Chapter 19 packet.  You have plenty of time to get it done if you plan your time carefully.  Do a page or two a day.  Mark it down in your planner.  DUE:  Tuesday, February 29, 2000!

7.  Keep your planners updated.  Stay organized!  Be specific when you write things down.  This is the only way to keep track of long term assignments! 

8.  Let's have a great week!  Only 3 days this week, and we are already down to 2 (two)!!

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Photo Session Vocabulary
Photo Session Vocabulary
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Reading Unit 4 Vocabulary Quiz
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