missvalentine Miss Valentine
Horizon Elementary 4th Grade
June 18, 2001

Let summer begin!  I hope everyone has a safe and fun summer break!  Enjoy the sun, but remember to read!!!  Thanks for a terrific year.  We had so much fun and learned a lot too.  Remember to keep in touch!  Just click on my email link above.  I will miss you all! Keep reading for our class poem and a list of memories from our year together! 
A Poem to My Class, 2000-2001
Miss Valentine’s 4th Grade

This year has been great,
But how fast it’s gone by…
When I think that it’s over
I feel I may cry!

How could a whole year
Disappear in a blink?
It seems we should have
Much more time than we think!

Each one of you is
Quite exceptional to me,
And it’s for this reason
That I want you to see…

How each of you hold
A special place in my heart,
And why it’s so hard
That we must now part.

But time marches on
Now you’re off to fifth grade,
And what we’ve got now
Are the memories we’ve made.

We had Tara and Nicole Gibbons.
Both so cute and so sweet,
Two of the nicest
You ever could meet.

Our room wouldn’t have been
Half as merry and jolly,
If we didn’t have friends
Like our Kirby and Molly.

And then there’s Rachael
Whose hair’s so long and pretty,
Not to mention Chris Rodney...
The best artist in the city!

Daniel was our science expert
Who was always willing to share,
And with Ashley’s love for space
The two make quite a pair!

Who else will become scientists?
What will be your fate?
I can only imagine
What adventures lie ahead for Nate.

Who was always helpful
Solving any classroom dilemma?
We had several caring classmates
Like Stephanie and Emma.

And next we have Nick,
With always a funny line,
When I sit back and remember,
Gee, those times sure were fine!

Who picked up their pencils
Excited for a chance to write?
Our own David and Jake
Could turn pumpkins into quite a fright!

Some classmates showed their talent
In the Talent Show this year,
Nikki’s enthusiastic cheers
Made her Horizon spirit quite clear!

Several others joined the show
But we’ll only mention one more
Megan performed to Alright
Sharing her talent on the dance floor.

Charlie was our gymnast
Becoming champion of our state,
While Chris Montgomery and Lauren
Strive to dominate while they skate!

Who thinks about sports
For most of the day?
Football, basketball, baseball…
Is it Michael or J.J.?

Ryan loves his sleeveless green jacket,
And Nicole Coover draws with milky pens,
While Marshall dreams of video games
As the year quickly ends. 

This class is so terrific!
It’s hard not to be sad…
About my nice little children,
Like, Andrew and Chad!

And last, but not least,
Matt’s the guy,
Who brightens our days,
He’s so nice, yet so shy!

We have studied Virginia history
Becoming experts on our past.
From charters to excise taxes,
Oh, the memories I know will last!

We stepped into our history
While watching 1776 on TV
And met one of Virginia’s Lees
Who sang so merri-ly!

Remember the archeological dig?
We put the pieces back together.
Can you recall drawing atoms?
You are all so very clever.

I can’t believe it’s over,
Where did the time go?
But before we say bye
I just want you to know…

You’ve all touched my life.
It will never be the same.
When on that first day of school,
Through my door you all came.

But the time has come now
To go back through my door.
You’ve grown and you’ve learned
So much more than before!

But, I’ll remember you fondly
How else could it be?
And I hope you will always
Remember times spent with me!

It is so hard to believe our 2000-2001 school year is over !  Let’s take a walk down memory lane.

*Virginia has been the big word.
*We have studied 400 years of history in 9 months.
*We took two history related field trips--one in our county to Waterford and one to the Tidewater Region of our state to Jamestown.
*We had a speaker from Jamestown in the Fall.
*We have studied the life of Indians and we have made clay pots and aprons.
*We took the Stanford tests in September!
*Followed every single stage of the writing process on numerous occasions.
*Wrote about cats,  dogs, Oreos, and the day the teacher did not show up!
*Edible Virginia maps
*Atoms, atoms, and more atoms!
*Studied the solar system and weather.
*Studied spreadsheets in the computer lab. *Did CCC more times than we can count!
*Mr. Bring Down Division
*Vocabulary sentences!
*Fractions, rounding, 2-digit multiplication *Read many novels like Bridge to Terabithia, Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key & Mr. Popper’s Penguins

This list just hits some of the highlights of this year.  What have I missed???? 

As I have said throughout the year, I have thoroughly enjoyed this class’s enthusiasm and thought provoking questions.  I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with such a great group.  It has been a sweet and respectful group.  You have likewise been a wonderful group of parents to work with too!  Thanks for a fantastic year!

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