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Welcome to Second Grade!
My name is Miss Wieduwilt and along with Mrs. Urena, we will be working with you this year!  We will as many responsibilities of you so that we may reach many goals.  You will grow as a person mentally, physically, socially and spiritually.  To do so, you must follow the basic rules of the second grade:
1.  Everyday, come to school prepared to learn!  This means you have done all your homework, have all your school supplies, ate breakfast and got a good night's sleep.
2.  Assignments are written on the board every day.  Copy them into your homework pad.
3.  Every morning, put yesterday's assignments in the basket.  Make sure you have your FULL name and the date on your papers!  If you do not turn your assignments in during the morning, they are late.  If your work is more than 10 school days late, you will get a 0, (unless of course, you were absent).
4.  We may have time to work on assignments in class.  You might even finish some or all of your work.  But, I think you should put your assignments all together in a folder and take them home to show your parents every night.  Then your parents can check to make sure you are doing your BEST work!
5.  We have a spelling test EVERY FRIDAY!  I give you the words on Monday.  Be responsible.
6.  All other tests and quizzes will be announced at least one day in advance.  You will know about them...so study!
7.  Thursday is Special Day.  Wear your gym uniform, make sure you have the right supplies in your pouch and you have done any homework for art or library.
8.  Make sure you use the bathroom before you come to school!
9.  Have a library book under your desk at all times in case you have some free time.
10. Be respectful of me, Mrs. Urena, your fellow classmates and of all others' property.  Keep your hands, feet, and mouths to YOURSELF.
11. If you need something, raise your hand and ask.

This will be a great year!
Miss W.
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