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Here are this weeks homework assignments.  (If you have any questions send me an email)

                       3rd grade
Monday:   Write each spelling word in a complete sentence.
         Begin to work on language sentences.
         Read George Washington Carver.
          Math: Review Sheet Math 4 Today

Tuesday:  Math: Review Sheet Math 4 Today
         Study spelling
         Complete language sentences. (1-5)

Wednesday: Read for 15 min. in your silent reading book.
          Write one paragrah: If I were a cloud.
          Write each word wrong on practice spelling
          5 times each.

Thursday:  Study for spelling
          Re-do any work handed back
           Language: Study for test

Friday:    None:  Have a great weekend!

                4th Grade:
Monday:  Write ten spelling sentences

Tuesday:  Edit 1-5 for language(Language group only)
          Complete pg. 343 12-19 (Math group only)

Wednesday: Edit 6-10 for language
           Complete fractions booklet pg. 10 adding
           fractions with unlike denominators

Thursday:  Study for spelling test and language test
           No Math

Friday:   None

5th Grade:
Monday:     Sort words into prefix groups

Tuesday:    Find a picture for your famous person report.
            Finish bibliograpy

Wednesday:  Correct words missed in spelling pre-test
            Work on sketch for wanted poster

Thursday:   Study spelling

Friday:     None

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