mistrettamath Mrs. Mistretta
Glasgow Middle School  
Please encourage your children to complete their homework on the day that it is assigned while the lesson is still fresh in their minds.  You should be able to find the assignments written in their assignment books for the appropriate day.  All of their math papers should be filed  behind their math dividers in their binders.  All study papers and tests should be kept for the entire year as all tests are cumulative.

Most students need to practice their basic facts in all operations.  If flash cards are not available at home, make your own using index cards and a magic marker.  Knowledge of basic facts is necessary for higher level thinking skills in mathematics.  Additionally, Challenge 24 is a game which combines practice of basic facts with critical thinking skills and can usually be found at Apple Teacher Store in Annandale or the GameKeeper at Springfield Mall (call before you make the trip).

Ask your child to share with you what they are learning in math.  Let them be the teacher.  Having them explain in their own words what they are doing will strengthen their understanding of the concepts with which they are working.
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