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Hello members!Hows it going?Like the page?Well its a soon-to-be web page ^_^' Well if you are not a member of Misty's Water Gym heres what its about:

          Its about pokemon
          Its for people of all ages
          Its....Its....Well i'm really tired right now so E-mail me to get more info. On the club ok?

Well I haven't give you alot of these but what the heck huh?
Get out your game boys 'cuase he are some codes

1) cheap Master Balls:Buy some pokéballs(any kind)When you throw it at the pokemon you are fighting AS SOON as you see the pokéball press ^ B and it will turn into a master ball(Ok ok i know you really don't need that on red and blue but you can't use the missing no. trick on yellow!)

2)over 99 of any item:HMs you need:Fly and surf.Surf to Cinnabar Island.Fly to the city with the 8th Gym tak to the guy who(In read/blue)says hes had is coffie On the red/blue make him show you how to catch pokemon.When hes done FLY to Cinnabar Island and go to the far right side.Surf up and down where it looks like you are on land and water untill you find a missing no. or "M"  battle it and win or run away from it.What ever you had in the 6th place will bee over 99 it may have like a little flower or something just go you the pokemon center and to the computer and go into your PC and put all of that item in there and take them out by 99's (NOTE:This WILL NOT work on yellow)

 Ok well its getting late so i better hurry this up if you want to know more just E-mail me. Enjoy the rest of the newsletter!NOTE:To adopt pokemon look below!

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Meet Togepi!
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Skills: Blizzard, Glare, Bite, Head Butt
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