mitchellmath Ms. Kelly Mitchell
Humble Middle School  
Trimester Exams are right around the corner.  They will be administered on November 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.  We will spend three days reviewing for the math final exam during class. Preparation at home will help your student to be successful on these important tests. 

Next week we will be a busy week as we will be taking the final grades for this 6 week period.  On Wednesday, October 25, periods 3 and 6 have their chapter 3 test and on Thursday, October 26, periods 2,4, and 7 will be tested over the first half of chapter 4!  I will be staying afterschool to tutor students on Tuesday afternoon!  Mrs.  Zyroll, the seventh grade guidance counselor will be visiting to discuss college choices with the students on Thursday (Periods 3 and 6) and on Friday (Periods 2,4 and 7)!
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