mjeandjameslove MJE
This is the me and you-know-who page! I am Mje! Or Juliet!
And you can just sit there and die for all I care while trying to figure out WHAT the heck it's about!
OK. It's HLN. If you like him so much, get together with him and KISS him! geez! You're supposesd to be WAAAAY! to young for this!!!!!! Oh, this is a ROMANTIC color.
Mje: Well, remember in that book Deep Wizardry? They said"not old enough to love as yet, but old enough to die indeed," I DO NOT AGREE! You can be any age to die or to love! My cousin Wynter, she's only eight years old and she's in love with some guy at her school! AND I'M IN LOVE WITH JAMES! SO THERE!
Mje: And it's not like I'd just walk right up to him and kiss him! He has to do that! I just have to try to tell him I love him! Without emailing him, or talking to him.
What kind of love? Boyfriend-girlfriend love, or brother-sister love, or friendship love, or what?
Hey, MJE? We have TON of class pages. Don't make any more, OK? And can we delete this one? There's too many about James. You may like him, but he is not OUR entire life!
Mje: Yes you can delete it. Besides, ANYBODY could see this. And to answer your question, boyfriend-girlfriend love.
Rsi: Hey HlN, I changed my mind! Let's keep this page for a while longer! It's getting interesting...
Rsi: MJE, I hate to say this, but your "love" is probably nothing more than a crush. "Love" can't happen unless BOTH people really love and respect eachother. As far as I know, James still doesn't know you like him more than as a friend!
Mje: Actually, I think he might know....
RSI: that's not what you've been saying lately!
RSI: Where's HLN???
MJE: I have no idea where she is. She hasn't been emailing either. And love is when you LOVE someone, and crush is exactly the SAME!
RSI: Love is when you LOVE someone and crush is when you have a CRUSH on them! They are NOT exactly the same!
HLN: And more important, a crush is TEMPERARY! I bet in a year you'll have no clue who he is!
RSI: Here's a defination of love and crush that I got from a book: "A crush is when you feel as if you are falling head over heels for a person. It usually only lasts a few weeks or months (Note from RSI: some people have crushes that go on for YEARS!) Love is a deeper feeling you get when you care a lot about someone. Love lasts longer than a crush. If you follow your heart and have patience you will know whether it's love or not. Give yourself lots of time to figure it out." Now I know you will claim that you are in LOVE, MJE, but I wanted to share this anyway. It's not love if James doesn't know you exist! By the way, do you still want me to e-mail him for you?
MJE: I don't know.
HLN: you don't seem to know anything.
RSI: to go back to Mje's quote in the very begining...are you saying that you are old enough to die??? I'll keep that in mind what I'm really, really mad at you! Old enough to die or love INDEED! How stupid can you get???
MJE: I will die when my time has come! I don't want to live when it is my time to die!
RSI: (sarcasticly) How poetic!
MJE: Rsi, I'm not kidding! To die is a releif!
RSI: What is that supposed to mean????
HLN: Actually she means she'd love to die to get away from YOU!
RSI: I am the eternal annoyance!!!!!!!! Heeheeeeee!!!
MJE: It means I WANT to die!
HLN: I thought the whole point of life was to live! It's great that you're not scared of death, but can't you try to enjoy life?
RSI: I think MJE is going through normal Oh-My-God-I'm-In-LOVE syndrome!
P.S. The colors are gacky so I'm changing them!!!!!!
MJE: Life has too much shame and pain.
RSI: ????????
HLN: Mje, are you practicing to be a suicidal philosepher? I think you should just kiss James or something and get over it.
RSI: That would save HLN and I from your moaning a oh-alas-and-alack-ing!!!
MJE:  Shuttup.
RSI: Whatever you say, oh Great Warrior Sorceress! Maybe we should start calling you GWS instead of MJE.
HLN:Oh. Well, anyways......(I'm turning into MJE! Or is it GWS????) I just am getting wacked with this "death talk" someone would call the Police if they read this. I'm changing the title so it's not so easy to find!!!!
RSI: Good idea. Actually, to amke sure no one reads ANY of our pages, make sure you logout when your done and DON'T GIVE ANYONE THE PASSWORD!!! OK, I'm done ranting. Let's change the subject from "death talk" to "James talk" which is what this stinkin' page is supposed to ba about ANYWAY! So there! MJE, what have you and JMS (James) been e-mailing about? Has he writen any gushy  poetry yet?
HLN: I saw James today and he said he hadn't heard from her in AGES!
RSI: Hmmm.... Has MJE been neglecting her "laddie me love"???
HLN: I think so. Where IS mje?
RSI: You said that already in homemail. I have no clue. I got a few e-mails from her yesterday, or maybe the day before that, so she is at least in the face of the Earth still (I hope!)
HLN: Or perhaps she took her computer into outer space!!!!!!
RSI: Heeheehee. Maybe she just got eaten by a hippopotomous. Or of course, she could be here seeing what we are talking about and sniggering when we say "where is she???" and downright snorting when HLN says "Or perhaps she took her computer into outer space!!!!!!" Hey, you never know...
HLN: HTat is the stupidest thing I EVER HEARD (*snigger*)
HLN: Hello? Are you there?
RSI: Nooooooooooooo Yooooooouuu Haaaaaaaaveee NoooooooooooooooooooootKATHUD!!!!!!!
HLN: Then say something!I have a demented feline!
CAT: I heard that!
RSI: So did I! I don't think that's very nice! WHERE THE TURD IS MJE?!?!?!?!?!?????!?!
HLN:I do not no! Maybe I'll sing a song of JAAAAAMES while we are waiting! OOoooooooohhhhh JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMES! Lovely JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMES! My heart is BEATING for thee JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMES! Wherefore doth this kiss hath happendeth? My dearest JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMES!!!!!!
Like it? MJE! READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!
MJE: I hate you.
HLN: Thank you.
Shuttup or i think ill kick your brains out and lets go to the horsies and it will let you ride a proper horse the right way and iwish i could speak but my mouth is full of earth and it is coldcoldcold and dont touch for its hot and fall off wall your arms and legs flapping like a broken doll and you fell as i told you and look what happened as you fell and it hurt and why wont you wake up coldcoldcold
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