Bonjour Year 9!

Today you will begin Project 3.  You will have 3 lessons to do this project.

Your task is to create a booklet - use ICT if you want to, otherwise paper + pens - or a Powerpoint presentation on useful French phrases. It will be something for you to take away to remind yourself of the most useful French you learnt.

You should include at least 3 of the following:

- asking + saying your name, age, where you live
- what you like doing
- food + drink
- colours
- numbers
- weather (all in French)

- facts about France and Europe (in English)

Lesson 1
STEP 1: Go to the Useful Links and Quia Activities below to remind yourself of useful facts and phrases.
STEP 2: Start your booklet / presentation.
BY THE END OF THIS LESSON, you should have finished at least 1 page of a booklet or 2 slides of a presentation.

Lesson 2- STEP 3: Continue with booklet / presentation.
Include colourful puzzles / lists of vocabulary with pictures.

Lesson 3
STEP 4: Finish your booklet / presentation ready for Friday.
If you have done a booklet, it should contain at least 3 pages, and they must be 3 very well presented, colourful, finished pages.
If you have done a presentation, it must have at least 6 slides and contain lots of French that is clear to read.

Lesson 4
Present Powerpoint presentations and booklets and watch or read other students' work.
My Quia activities and quizzes
La famille
France and the French-speaking world
Europe's Countries and Capitals
Northwestern Europe
France and the French-speaking world
France and the French-speaking world.
Les villes en France par April
Paris Monuments
Top 10 Countries - Europe - Most Populous
Top 10 Countries - Movie Producers
Towns & Cities in France
Les Courtoisies 1
Les Courtoisies 2
Equipe 1-Unit 3-Au club des jeunes
Equipe 1-Unit 3-Au club des jeunes
Hobbies - Questions & Answers
Likes, dislikes, telephone conversations
love and like
Making arrangements to go out
Unusual hobbies
Weather - Quel temps fait-il?
Weather conditions in pictures
Useful links
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