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You will find information on a monument/building/site in Paris.  You will present the information to the class as an "expose oral" lasting from 3-5 minutes.  The information should include the following:

1. When was the building/monument built?

2. Who built it (or financed it) and for what purpose?

3. If a building, has its use changed over the years?

4. Add any other interesting historical facts that you think may interest the class.

5. Include at least one (preferably more) colored photos of the site you are researching.

You may work with one partner and choose from the following list of monuments:

  l'Arc de Triomphe

  le Centre Pompidou

  la Conciergerie

  la Cathedrale de Notre Dame

  l'Hotel des Invalides

  le Louvre


  le Pantheon

  la Place de la Concorde

  la Sainte Chapelle

  la Sorbonne

  la Tour Eiffel
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