Modern History 2005-2006
Indooroopilly State High Head of Department (Social Sciences and Lote)
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Studies of Hope - Review a biography, autobiography or novel about China in the 20th century to show that through literature can come a deeper understanding of historical events and the strength of the human spirit. The Library and your teacher can assist with choice of a piece of literature to study. You may have the studied work with you to complete this section of the examination.

    Guide to assist your reading of the chosen work
  1. Information about the author that justifies his/her validity as a commentator on the History of Modern China
  2. Brief outline of the story.
  3. What makes an historical event or movement a source of hope?
  4. What we can learn about ordinary people by reading texts.
  5. Over time, were the hopes raised by this event or movement realised for most people?

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