modernhistory Coach Thomas
Science Hill High School History Teacher
welcome to modern history
Tues.Aug. 24  Pre-Test and Why Study History
             Events that led to Modern History
Weds.Aug. 25  Renaissance
Thur.Aug. 26  Renaissance and its impact upon history
Fri. Aug. 27  Reformation

Modern History will cover history from the Renaissance
(l450) to the present day.  This course is designed for
students who enjoy history and are willing to engage in
more advanced topics.  

Grading will be based upon tests(60%),daily work(40%).
Projects will count as a test grade and some presentations
will count as a daily grade or a test grade. Individual
projects will count as a test grade.

I enjoy history and geography.  I will try to make this
course as interesting as possible.  The methods that
I will be using will be lecture/discussion, questioning,
presentations and group activities.  I will show some
videos where discussions will take place.
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