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Health Care in a Democratic Society

Set up immediately after World War Two, The National Health Service was an attempt at meeting one of the five great social evils facing Britain in the mid-20th Century ( the others being poverty, bad housing, unemployment and poor education). The Liberal peer, Lord Beveridge, had been asked by the Conservative leader Winston Churchill to look at the problems in 1942. However, it was the post-war Labour Government of Clement Atlee that set about rewarding the British people for their perseverance during the bad times of the Great Depression of the Thirties and the Second World War.

The NHS was set up on certain Basic Principles: Collective, Comprehensive, Universal, Equal and Free at Point-of-Access.

#   Explain what these principles mean for the NHS
    (Ref Pages 10-11)

The initial expectation was that there would be a rush for services and then a decline as health improved.  This did NOT happen.  Instead of becoming cheaper, the NHS has become dramatically more expensive to run each year.

#   Account for the growing expense under these headings :
    Medical Advances    Unexpected demand for'free medicine'
    More old people    New pressures eg drug abuse,AIDS etc.

    (Ref pages 12-13)
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