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My Quia activities and quizzes
Math: Properties of Numbers
Math: Use the short cut to multiply a Two-Digit Number & 11
Math: Number Properties
Math: Number Properties (Match the definition with the example)
Math: Number Properties (Use the Number Properties to solve for n.)
ELA: Confusing Words
ELA: Homonyms
ELA: Homonyms
ELA: Homophones To / Two / Too
ELA: L6 "Homophones"
ELA: Their vs. There vs. They're Quiz
ELA: Test Affixes
Fragment, Comma Splice, and Run On and Complex Sentence
Greek Prefixes and Suffixes
ELA: L23 Prefixes: de-, fore-, im-, micro-, anti-
Roots & Prefixes
Science: Microscope Matching
ELA: Prefixes dis-, em-/en- , trans- ,
ELA: Prefix and Suffix Families
ELA: Using Dialogue
ELA: Parts of Speech
Adjective or adverb? (Multiple choice)
Parts of Speech
ELA: Definitions of Parts of Speech
Parts of Speech
ELA: Parts of Speech
ELA: Parts of Speech Review
ELA: Parts of Speech
Math: Divisibility Rules
Math: Prime & Composites
Math: Prime Factorization
Math, Prime Factorization, Multiples, Factors
Math: Vocabulary ~ Ratio,Multiple, Composite, Prime, LCM, GCF
ELA: Learning About Words and Language "Literary Terms"
ELA: Understanding Similes and Metaphors
ELA: Grade 6 2009 NYS Exam
Math: Factors, Proper Factors, Prime Numbers and Composite Numbers
Science 4C: "Extreme Genes" National Geographic Special
ELA: Literary Terms Quiz
ELA: Sources and Citation
Math: NYS Grade 6 ~ Number Properties, Ratios & Proportions, Variables & Expressions, Measurement, Number Systems: Percent
Math: Percent, Decimals, Fractions, Taxes, and Discounts
Math: Proportional Reasoning
Math: Ratio equivalents
Math-Percent, Interest, Discount, Sale Price
Science: 1E "Abiotic Factors in an Ecosystem"
Science: 1E Interactions Among Living Things
Science: 1E "Living Things and the Environment"
Science: 1E Populations and Communities
Science: 1E Populations and Communities
Science: 1E "Populations & Communities"
Science: The Albany Pine Bush
Math: 9A "Measurement"
Math: Proportional Relationships (Chapter 7)
Math: Proportional Relationships "Ready to Go On Quiz" page 153
Math: The History of Customary Units and Measurement
Math: Fraction and Percent Equivalents
Math: Mixed Practice
Math: Perimeter and Circumferences
Math-Multiplying Decimals, Metric conversions, Averages, Division
ELA: Mystery Vocabulary
ELA: Mystery Vocabulary Words
Math Chapter 10 Geometry: Understanding Area & Volume
Science: 2E “Biomes & Ecosystems”
Science: 2E "Ecology, Populations, and Biodiversity"
Science: 2E "Ecosystems and Biomes"
Science: 2E "Biomes and Ecosystems"
ELA: NYS Test Vocabulary
ELA: Mechanics, Usage, and Grammar (MUG # 9)
ELA: Mechanics, Usage, and Grammar # 10
ELA: MUG # 15 (Mechanics Usage Grammar)
Science: Fetal Pig Dissection
ELA: MUG # 17 (Mechanics, Usage, Grammar)
Social Studies: Unit 6 "Ancient Rome"
Classroom Procedures
Science: Scientific Method
ELA: Mechanics, Usage, Grammar (MUG # 1)
ELA: Mechanics, Usage, Grammar (MUG # 2)
ELA: Who, Whom, That, Which Quiz
Reading: Finding the Main Idea
ELA: Punctuation-Colons and Semicolons
ELA: NYS "English Language Arts Test" Book 1 2010
ELA: Feature Articles
The Light Microscope (Identify Parts and Order to Use Them)
ELA: Vocabulary "Skeleton Creek: Ryan's Journal" by Patrick Carmen
ELA: Vocabulary "Skeleton Creek: Ryan's Journal" by Patrick Carmen
ELA: Mechanics, Usage, Grammar (MUG # 14)
ELA: "Skeleton Creek" Vocabulary # 2
ELA: Vocabulary "Skeleton Creek" List 2
ELA: Mechanics, Usage, Grammar (MUG # 15)
Environmental Science: Mid-Term/Final Exam Practice
ELA: NYS Grade 6 2008 Book 1 #1-7 "Mira Sees the Light"
ELA: NYS Grade 6 2008 Book 1 # 8-12 "Nadia Begay: Native All-American"
ELA: NYS Grade 6 2008 Book 1 # 13-16 "Galápagos Islands Vacation"
ELA: NYS Grade 6 2008 Book 1 # 17-26 "Soccer Cinderella" & "This Land Is Your Land"
ELA: Vocabulary from the Book "No More Dead Dogs"
Social Studies: Unit 3 "Ancient India" Vocabulary
ELA: State Reading Assessment Vocab.
ELA: English Language Arts Assessment Vocabulary
ELA: Literary Terms (Match Definitions and Examples)
ELA: State Assessment Vocabulary (Grammar Terms)
ELA: State Assesment Vocabulary (Literary & Poetic Devices)
ELA: State Assessment Vocabulary (Story Elements)
ELA: State Assessment Vocabulary (Types of Writing)
Prefixes: de-, fore-, im-, micro-, anti- (Page 74)
ELA: Identifying Literary Elements
ELA: Identifying Literary Elements in Writing
ELA: Affect/Effect
ELA: Common Errors in English Usage
ELA: L22 "Confusing Words"
ELA: Vocabulary L16: Latin Roots~"aud, grat, ject"
Science: 4C "Modern Genetics"
Science: 4C "Modern Genetics" Text page 136 # 1-10
Science 4C: Modern Genetics (Study Tool for Quiz)
Science 5C: "Changes Over Time" Text page 166 # 1-10
Science 6D “Fighting Disease” (Text page 186 # 1-10)
Science: 7D "The Nervous System" pg. 222 # 1-10
Bully Program Evaluation
Poetry Quiz
Science: 8D "The Endocrine System and Reproduction"
Social Studies: Unit 1 Chapter 6 "Exploring Four Empires of Mesopotamia"
Social Studies: Unit 1 "Early Humans and the Rise of Civilization"
Use this to review for the upcoming test on 10/21/08.
Science 2E: Energy Flow in Ecosystems 2.1 & 2.2
ELA: NYS Practice Test 2007
Science: 1C "Cell Structure & Function"
Science 2C: “A Journey Through the Cell” Part 2
Science: 2C "Cell Processes & Energy"
ELA: Fact vs. Opinion
ELA: Spelling/Vocabulary List 1
Science: 3C "Genetics: The Science of Heredity"
Use this to help prepare for the test on 1/7/10.
Science: 5C "Changes Over Time"
Literary Elements
Science: 6D “Fighting Disease”
Science: 7D "The Nervous System"
ELA: "Poetry Matters" by Ralph Fletcher
Science Final Exam 6 Practice
Elements of Fiction Test
ELA: Point of View
Science: 4,5D "Circulatory & Respiratory Systems"
Science: Mixed Practice (To help study for the final)
ELA: Reading Skills Practice Test #1 Synonyms
ELA: Mechanics, Usage, Grammar (MUG 3)
ELA: Greek and Latin Elements I
Science: 3E "Living Resources"
Science: Environmental Science Review
Microscope Quiz
Greek & Latin Roots Quiz
ELA: Latin & Greek Origins (Type the Word)
ELA- Vocabulary “Al Capone Does My Shirts” Chapters 1-9
Science: Cells & Heredity Final Exam Review (47 Questions)
Science: Human Body Review (Book D)
Scientific Method Concept Map Quiz
Scientific Method Test 3
Scientific Method Test 2
Science: 2C “A Journey Through the Cell” Part 1
Bud, Not Buddy Comprehension Questions Pt. 1
ELA: Bud, Not Buddy (Literary Devices L1-L4) by Christopher Paul Curtis
ELA: Bud, Not Buddy Vocabulary Test
ELA: Feature Article Vocabulary
Science: "Cells and Heredity" Review # 1
ELA: "Al Capone Does My Shirts" Vocabulary Chapters 10-20
ELA: "Al Capone Does My Shirts" Comprehension Questions"
ELA: Vocabulary "Al Capone Does My Shirts" Chapters 32-40
ELA: Vocabulary "Al Capone Does My Shirts" Chapters 21-32
ELA: Recognizing Context Clue Types
ELA: Cause and Effect
Common Errors in English Usage
Getting to Know You
Internal Profile Assessment
Computer Lab Expectations
Human Emotional Needs
Bud, Not Buddy - similes & metaphors- ch 2
ELA: Bud, Not Buddy Literary Devices (Part 2)
ELA: "Bud, Not Buddy" Comprehension Questions
"Al Capone Does My Shirts" ch 1-3
Analogies - Action - 1
ELA: Free Verse Novels: Hate that Cat
ELA: Literary Terms Version 3
Science: DNA Extraction Virtual Lab
Bud, Not Buddy Comprehension Questions Chapters 13-16
ELA: The Pit Ponies (Poem)
ELA- The Sea Turtle’s Built-In Compass (2015)
ELA: 2015 A Ring of Horses (Common Core Reading Comprehension)
Science 3D: Digestive System Matching
Science 3D: Article: "The Digestive Process Begins"
Parts of Speech
Name That Part of Speech
PARTS OF SPEECH - Identification 1
ELA: Parts of Speech (Definitions and Identify Examples)
Library Research Skills Assessment 1
Science: 3D "Digestive System"
Science: Fetal Pig (Anatomy to Recognize)
Science: Fetal Pig Abdominal Structures Part 2
Science: Fetal Pig Anatomy Quiz (Drawing)
Science: Fetal Pig Anatomy Part 3
Fragment, Comma Splice, and Run On and Complex Sentence
Science 1C: Plant and Animal Cell (Match image with Structure)
Science: 3C Genetics 3.1 "Mendel's Work"
Math: Gear Ratio Exploration
Math: Applications of Measurement in Google Maps
Science 4C "Create a DNA Fingerprint" Lab Questions
Math: Chapter 5 Percents
Math: Chapter 6 Measurement
Math Chapter 7 Algebra: Expressions
Math: Chapter 8
Digestive System
Digestive System
Circulatory System and Blood
Battleship - Circulatory System
Circulatory/Limphatic System
Cardiovascular system test
The Cardiovascular System: Jeopardy
Virtual Cardiology Lab Quiz
Science: 4D "Circulatory System"
Science: 5D Respiratory System
Math Chapter 12
Scientific Method: Inquiry Final Test
Science 3C Quiz 3.1,3.2
Science 5C: Lizard Evolution Virtual Lab Questions
Science 2D: Skeletal System
Science: 2D "Bones, Muscles, and Skin"
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