mohboce Mr. Edward
Boce JR-SR High All subject 8th grade teacher
Welcome all of my fellow students. We are celebrating our third year as a school and our team has earned 30 raffle tickets for the 10,000 room special design. There are 400 tickets being put in but because of our teams great population and work toward this we are determined to win. Click on my e-mail link to send me ideas if we happen to win the interior decorating. It'll be posted on this web-site if we won or not immediatly after the drawing.  On this website you can find all of our homework assignments, games, quizzes and much much more. There are links for math, science, LA, SS, and our adopt an angel fund where it will post all the names of people who bought one and any other things they donated to there angel. Anyone who visits this page and completes the quiz with 100% will get there name posted and will be e-mailed easy ways to make money online. Go have fun on our web-site
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