mohboce1 Mr.Edward
Boce JR-SR Math Teacher (on this page)
Welcome to Math 8 or Math 9 depending on how advanced you are. Math 8s homework is to do the packet on exponents. If you need some help i recommend a few web-sites linked at the bottom. For example 8 to the 3rd power you would take 8 and multiply itself 3 times so it would be 8x8x8
Math 9 has algebra intro 20 page packet. It was assigned today and is due tommorow. It is 590 problems on algebra intro. I didnt find any valuable sites so you'll just have to figure it out your self. You will find my quiz. Go to quiz session log-in and type Math 9 Intro then below type your name. There will be a quiz every week and this will help you learn about the net AND Math
Useful links
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